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Bobcats Athletics

Battlefield High School


Bobcats Athletics

Battlefield High School

Bobcats Athletics

Battlefield High School

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What forms must my son/daughter complete in order to try out at Battlefield High School?

A:   Student-athletes must complete:

       1)  Sports Physical Examination - Must use the VHSL physical form, which can be obtained in the Files and Links tab on the Homepage.  Sports physical must be done after May 1st.

       2)  Concussion Training - All new 9th grade students and transfers into PWCS (with a parent) must attend a face-to-face training at any PWCS high school.  Middle school concussion trainings do not count for high school sports.  Please make sure you fill out the attendance card completely and turn in to the athletic trainer on site.  Online Concussoin Training is available for students-athletes that have attended at least one PWCS high school face-to-face concussion training. 

Q:  Who is the coach for a certain sport?

A:  All sports have a page and the coaches should be listed with contact information.  A Coaches tab is also located on the Homepage.

Q:  Are 8th graders or future transfers allowed to participate in out-of-season conditioning sessions? 

A:  Only Battlefield High School Student-Athletes are allowed to participate in out-of-season conditioning sessions.  You must be registered and enrolled to Battlefield High School.  The student-athlete must not be attending another school. 

Q:  What forms must be completed in order for my son/daughter to participate in out-of-season conditioning?

A:  This is a two part answer.  In order to participate in out of season conditioning (running/agility work) and weight lifting a current sports physical must be on file. 

In order to participate in out-of-season non contact drills or play, the student-athlete must have a current sports physical on file and his or her concussion training completed.  This includes competitive drills and competition through non-contact physical play.

Q:  Where can I find team scores and schedules?

A:  Click on the sport your are looking for in the "Team Selections" section on the main page.

Q:  How can I find out what time the game starts tonight?  Has the game been Canceled/Postponed?

A:  The Homepage of the athletics website has a Game Cancelations section and we run the Cancelations and Postponements across the scrolling screen on the homepage as well.  You can also call the Bobcats Sports Information Line - 571-248-6513.

Q:  What does my son/daughter need for try outs?

A:  You will need to contact the coach of the respected sport your son/daughter will be trying out for and the contact information is located in the Coaches tab on the homepage.

Q:  How long must my son/daughter attend school in order to participate in practice or athletic event in the evening?

A:  The student-athlete must attend school on the given day for at least a half day.  A full day of school is from 7:25 am -2:05 pm.  (Example of half-day: 7:25 am-10:45 am or 10:45 am-2:05 pm.)

Q:  How do I obtain a 2017 VHSL Sports Physical Form?

A:  The VHSL Sports Physical Form is located in the Files and Links Tab on the homepage.  You are more than welcome to print this form at your leisure.  A hard copy can be obtained in the main office or satellite office at BHS.

Q:  How many classes must my son/daughter take to be eligible to participate in athletics?

A:  Eligibility is determined by many factors.  Academically, a student-athlete must be taking at least 5 credits.  Non of these credits can be repeat courses.   Student-athletes must have taken at least 5 credits the semester before the season and be currently enrolled in 5 credits during the season.  *Freshmen student-athletes participating in the fall and winter will not have previous semester grades checked for eligibility.  We do not use middle school grades.

Q:  Battlefield Bobcat Season Passes:  Where and when can I get them?

A:  Individual Season Passes, Family Passes, and 10 Game Hole Punch Passes can be obtained during the school day in the Satellite Office, before school, after school and between classes.  We do sell the passes during Welcome Back to School Night in the commons.  Passes are sold during a select few fall athletic events.  Passes can also be purchased in the mail as the order form is in the Files and Links tab on the homepage.

Q:  National Letter of Intent:  How does a senior student-athlete get a signing day ceremony?

A:  Senior-student athletes signing NLI should contact their coaches if they wish to have an individual signing day ceremony.  The coach and student-athlete may organize a signing day photo op in the school.  

The school holds two large group college signing day ceremonies to celebrate after all sports have an opportunity to commit to a college by signing their NLI.  The ceremonies are located in the enclosed cafeteria the first week of February and the last week of April.  Friends and family are all invited.  Committed seniors should where apparel of their college choice and are free to place college memorabilia on the signing table for the photo op.  

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