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Bobcats Athletics

Battlefield High School

Bobcats Athletics

Battlefield High School

Team News.

Team News

7 months ago @ 11:47AM

Team building

Hello Runners Parents

I have a great support system this year and they have been working to put together some great team building activities and events.  Please use the link below.......Yes, copy and paste, sorry!

Using the Remind app, you can all respond directly to Lori Flanagan with RSVP's

I think this is a wonderful opportunity to extend practice into a more inclusive and friendly group, moving friendship to the forefront rather than just competition.  Please consider getting your runners involved and part of the team atmosphere!

Team News

8 months ago @ 10:21AM

team rosters

 Manditory Parents meeting for ALL runners Monday night 6pm in the auditorium 

An, Michael

10 DEV
Bain, Alexander 12 DEV
Barshow, Tuscan 10 DEV
Belai, Ruta 10 DEV
Benassou, Ryan 12 DEV
Betancourt, Christian 11 DEV
Brooks, David 11 DEV
Carter, William Alex 11 DEV
Ginn, Jacob 12 DEV
Goode, Nate 10 DEV
Herrera, Jake 10 DEV
Hobart, Jessica 9 DEV
Joumas, Patrick 10 DEV
Joumas, Stephen 10 DEV
Kasiraman, Rahul 9 DEV
Kim, Eunice (yellow to Lem) 10 DEV
Kimble, Ava 9 DEV
Kun, Laura 10 DEV
Lee, Dong 10 DEV
Lee, Logan 11 DEV
Miller, Samuel 11 DEV
Novak, John 11 DEV
Payne, Taylor 11 DEV
Robson, Ethan 9 DEV
Said, Karim 11 DEV
Smith, Aidan 9 DEV
Stone, Madeline 9 DEV
Zobel, Andrew 9 DEV
Flanagan, Galen 9 FR
Helmlinger, Ean 9 FR
Henry, Thaddeus 9 FR
Jones, Aidan 9 FR
McDaniel, Farah 9 FR
Morrell, Caroline 9 FR
Joshi, Megan 10 NO TIME
Krug, Danielle 10 NO TIME
Schraml, Kelsey 9 NO TIME
Ulrich, Ethan 10 NO TIME
Bachman, Grady 9 TEAM
Brady, Shane 9 TEAM
Bravo, Nikolai 10 TEAM
Hastings, Zach 11 TEAM
Ho, Garrett 11 TEAM
Hyde, Julia 10 TEAM
Kennedy, David 10 TEAM
Kim, Joshua 10 TEAM
Kimble, Jaylin 12 TEAM
Kolasch, Noah 11 TEAM
Lewis, Brandon 11 TEAM
Lewis, Kelsey 12 TEAM
Maggs, Andrew 11 TEAM
Mallaug, Justin 11 TEAM
Min, Calvin 11 TEAM
Mitchell, Julia 10 TEAM
Morrell, Brandon 11 TEAM
Morris, Joseph 10 TEAM
Murphy, Dylan 11 TEAM
Overend, Matthew 10 TEAM
Shaffer, Zachary 11 TEAM
Stone, Jackson 11 TEAM
Theros, Carter 12 TEAM
Thorpe, Madison 10 TEAM
Tirrell, Jackson 10 TEAM
Tschida, Jonathan 12 TEAM
Wagner, Jack 10 TEAM
Wikiera, Amy 12 TEAM

 Good work this week!

FR- freshman team as well as TEAM will begin manditory practice TUESDAY at the Manassas Battlefield STONE BRIDGE parking lot at 6pm.  Locations will move around and I will send out this information by Remind.  Please make sure parents and runners are signed up for this.

DEV- developmental group.  Practice will begin once school begins.  Keep an eye on this site as well as Remind for this information.  I want you all to keep running.  4-5 days a week.  45 minute easy conversational paced runs.  We will begin with track workouts once school starts and you will need to have endurance and mileage up to be able to handle this without injury.  Running requires a great base. 


Team News

8 months ago @ 9:20AM

all you need to know......hopefully :)

Hello All,

Last communication via this site before try outs and I wanted to clarify the important points.

  • Please sign up for the remind text service.  This is my go to for communication.  This way, up to date info can be spread.  Text the #81010 with the message @kmaggs.  That simple!
  • All physical and concussions forms, not turned in Monday, MUST be turned in tomorrow 3-7.  If these are not turned in you ARE NOT CLEARED TO TRY OUT AND WILL BE SENT HOME. If you do not make it to the schools set turn in times, you will need to coordinate with Ms. Nelson at the school to find a time to do this.  I cannot collect these forms
  • As stated in May, there are time cuts this year.  varsity, JV and freshmen teams will follow a competitive training plan and development will work on developing the running abilities.  Parents of those on the developmental team will sign, along with the runner, acknowledging that they understand that this is not the competing team and they will likely not participate in any meets.  This team will improve endurance and performance and aid the runner in future sport team try outs.
  • ALL members of the team will be assessed a $150 team fee.  This fee will include Booster Club membership as without the Booster Club, school extracurricular would be impossible.  These are not only sports related but they support all school activities.  The team fee covers the running of the sport.  This is not only entry fees into meets and transportation to and from but equipment and upkeep of our facilities.  All who participate use these. 
  • We have moved to new uniforms this year.  These were designed by the Track team and are quite impressive.  We should not have difficulty seeing and distinguishing our runners!  These will need to be purchased by all making the competition teams.  Developmental does not need to do this. These ARE the same uniforms for XC and Track. 
  • Sprit Wear store will open August 5th and close August 12th.  There will not be straggling orders.  There are minimum orders per piece and a 3 week turn around time after the store closes.  In order for our team to be outfitted by the start of the season, we will all need to be diligent in getting our orders in on time.
  • TRYOUTS will be held all week starting Monday July 31 and commencing Friday August 4th Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be course practice for the time trials Thursday and Friday.  Not understanding the course is not an excuse.  The captains have held practice there and I have held practice and run the course with the runners.  These first three days will be imperative!  Knowing where you are running is as much a part of this sport as actually running.  At this time, practice will start at 6pm.  If we need to move this back due to high temperatures, I will send out a remind that day.  We will meet in the Matthews Hill parking lot of the Manassas Battlefield.  Parking is limited so I do suggest carpooling.  As this is a trail sport, time trials will be held on the trails.  It is a 3.1 mile course, a standard high school cross country race distance.  Time trials will be Thursday 6:30 am and Friday evening at 6pm.  You do not need to attend both but do need one time. 

  • if you cannot make these set dates, further time trials will be held August 9th and 23rd.  After this time, we will begin our race season and the team will be closed.  Alternate dates will not be given as we are in season prep and we will be practicing for that.  Finding time and volunteers to set up another time trial at the Battlefield is logistically not in the cards.  PWC sets the week of try outs and I have added 2 additional dates for those traveling. 

As always, if I have missed something, please send me a remind text and I will respond

Team News

10 months ago @ 7:40AM

please sign up

Hello all,


I will be using a group texting app for all communications regarding Cross Country.  With this app, we do no have access to phone numbers but still have the ability to communicate pertinent information in live time.  I will use this to remind of practices or let you know of last minute changes due to weather, etc.  You all can communicate regarding captains practices or form alternate summer runs.  This is a great way for us all to stay in the loop while still protecting privacy. 

Please text 81010 with message @kmaggs.  This will add you to the group.  Please have your parents sign up as well as all information needs to get to them as well.

Team News

10 months ago @ 9:53AM

Fall 2017 XC

Hello Bobcats!!!


Below you will find all pertinent information for the upcoming season and better yet, off season training

As always, email me with any questions.

Summer practice schedule

These will be at the high school track.  Only rising 9th graders who have turned in physical forms and completed concussion training are able to attend

Off season non mandatory practices will start Tuesday June 20th.  I would like a week of rest for all of you.  Rest week will be June 10-18.  Please, rest this week.  You can all enjoy other activities besides running.  If you have been dealing with any injuries during track, this time may be extended.  Boys 4x800 team, as discussed, your rest week will begin after Nationals


Tuesday evenings 6pm and Thursday 6:30AMThese are non mandatory track workouts.  Attendance at these practices has no bearing on team selection

Saturday mornings will be determined week to week and will include time trials to gauge performance, improvement and strategy.  A lot of you have discussed a race anxiety, especially during track season.  I would like to take the time in the off season to set up these mini team races to help you all get comfortable with racing and any stress and anxiety that you all may have.  Hopefully, this turns into a situation where any race is no different than a time trial day and you feel more confident when you step to the line.  These may be at the track or at our cross country practice location.  Again, TBD

We will also bring back boot camp Saturdays with the ever loved bleachers as well as plyometric , core, agility and lateral movement strength and stability work


Concussion training and physicals.


Monday, June 12th at 7pm at BHS.  Just show up!  It’s a couple hours of time and then it is done, your card is handed in and you are cleared.  It really is easier to sit through this than complete the online work. 

Physicals need to be completed after May 1, 2017.  Once done, these can be turned into the schools front office, directly to Ms. Nelson or to me.  Please, copy these and keep a copy for your records.  We all try our best, but sometimes things go missing. 

Both of these NEED to be done in order to try out for the team.  Get them done now so we don’t have to worry and risk not participating

Rising freshmen need concussion training and physicals shown to me (i will take a picture and keep on file, returning the actual form to you) to be allowed to participate in any off season practices .  These will be turned into the school prior to tryouts and must be done in order to be eligible to try out for the team





Try outs for 2018

Try outs will be the week of July 31-August 4.  Time trials will be held the 3rd and the 4th, allowing for illness, vacation, work or those wanting to try to improve times.  There will not be trials held outside these dates unless written communication between student and me occurs and is approved prior to July 31st.  This means if you have a planned family vacation, you will get an opportunity to register a time AS LONG AS THIS HAS BEEN PREARRANGED.  Team roster will be posted between the 4th and the 6th with first regular season practice (mandatory) beginning Monday August 7th.  We will run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the Manassas Battlefield with time trials held at the same location Thursday am and Friday evening

I have set time standards for the teams this year.  In recent years, the team has been walk on and non competitive within the region.  We have talent and potential and will work hard towards becoming a team to be reckoned with.  The below time standards will assist in forming teams.  There may be movement within the teams for meet entries as some may hold freshman races, others do not.  Some classify by upper classmen and lower classmen etc.  Movement will occur to field the most competitive team possible.  That being said, I will not enter a runner in an invitational race where they will not be competitive.  These meets do hold tight schedules and time expectations that we are expected to meet and follow.  Nothing is more destructive to a runner’s spirit than poor results in a meet even though they individually performed their best.  Fielding an appropriately entered team creates a group of self confident runners. 

Varsity boys – sub 19:30                                                      Varsity girls – sub 21:30                                

JV boys – sub 21:30                                                             JV girls – sub 23:30

Freshmen  boys – sub 22                                                      Freshmen girls – sub 24

                                                                Developmental – all other times


The developmental team will train to improve with the full understanding of student and parent, that these runners may not be entered into a meet and are a full member of the team working to improve to a level that allows them to be competitive.  This group will be lead through a training program to create endurance and speed and can be used for off season training for alternate sports or working towards making the track team or cross country team in the future. 





Tentative Schedule as I know now


It is still very early, with many races not even posted yet.  Below may change.  District meets have been added.  This is different than last year.  Conferences are once again called districts and the schools in the regions have changed.  VHSL lists the schools under classification at this site

Friday August 18th  7-9 am scrimmage against Centreville at Burke Lake Park.  We will need to car pool.  There will not be a bus available.  I will need permission for any student riding with someone else.  This is a chance to race at the regional course with less pressure. 

Saturday August 26th  Great Meadows Invitational.  The Plains

Wednesday September 13th.  District Meet at Bull Run Park

Saturday September 16th  Oatlands Invitational.  Leesburg

Saturday September 23rd  RVA Relays.  Richmond.  This is an evening event under the lights

Wednesday September 27th  District Meet #2 at Bull Run Park

Saturday September 30th  Octoberfest Invitational.  The Plains

Wednesday October 4th  District Meet #3 at Bull Run Park

Saturday October 7th Blue Ridge Invitational  Daleville Virginia  (yes, 3 hours away.  Plan on a long day)

Wednesday October 11th District Meet #4 at Bull Run Park

Saturday October 14th Third Battle Invitational. 

Wednesday October 25th District Championship at Bull Run Park

Thursday November 11th Region Championship at Burke Lake Park
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