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Bobcats Athletics

Battlefield High School


Bobcats Athletics

Battlefield High School

Bobcats Athletics

Battlefield High School

Team News.

Team News

11 months ago @ 7:36PM

Roster updated information. If on this list, please read

If you are on the roster, you and at least 1 parent must join the remind group I have created.  Parents, please call yourself your child's mom or dad as I will not keep any child on the app without at least one parent also on the app.  Communication is necessary.  I may seem forward at times but I strive to not leave anything up for misinterpretation.  Please text the number 81010 with the message    @2egkk3       I have left enough room to just copy and paste.  This will be the form of communication for the team.  This allows real time information in case of inclement weather or location changes.  Email is only read if the email program is up and running.  We all know our kids are never far from their phones.  

Mandatory parents meeting Monday at 6pm in the school auditorium.  Yes, I say mandatory as every year the questions and issues always arise from those uninformed.  We hold these meetings so nothing is left unexplained.  Runners, please come with your parents.  There is clear school information about expectations, behavior and participation.  I will then outline the coaching staffs expectations and rules.  

Rule number 1.  All runners need a watch that will give them pace information.  There is no way to be aware of your personal benchmarks, improvements or lack of effort like seeing the time staring back at you.  This is an individual sport and you cannot hit times you are given if you have no input as to what pace you are running.  A mass of boys all running another runners pace will never provide the individual results sought.  All sports have a certain amount of equipment needed.  A watch, shoes and uniform are ours.  



Congrats to the runners below, in no specific order


Jessica Neal                                          Thad Henry                                       Trevor White

Sandy Little                                            Shane Brady                                      Zach Shaffer

Alexis Lambert                                        Calvin Min                                        Jack Wagner                          

Jayana Carroll                                        Andrew Maggs                                  Madison Thorpe

Grant Wagner                                         Jackson Stone                                   Robert Jensen

Winston Broiles                                       Jackson TIrrell                                  Farah McDaniel

Will Martin                                               Dylan Murphy                                     Sade Smith

                                                                Nikolai Bravo


If I have already spoken to you regarding yellow form issues, LAST CHANCE IS MONDAY 8AM.  NO RERUNS.  You knew when tryouts were and that forms needed to be turned in

Vacationers that prearranged alternate days.  I will see you on the days arranged.  Make sure you have your yellow forms in hand.  

I have spoken to a few of you already.  If you want to improve and try out for track, please email me!  We can work together for you to train on your own.  Please don't stop.  Success in running takes time and hard work

Team News

11 months ago @ 6:49AM

practice Saturday July 28 and tryout updates Please read

We will be meeting from here on out at the Battlefield High School track.


I know this is cross country season, however, with the weather and conditions at the Manassas Battlefield and with rain forecast all through try out days, we have been advised that tryouts will take place on the track.


With this, as track running is significantly easier and faster than trail running, the cutoff times to make the teams will DECREASE.  This time will likely decrease by a minute to a minute 30


Mother nature doesn't always cooperate.  The students safety is always our main concern!!


Saturday 8am

Monday 8am

Tuesday 6pm

Wednesday 6pm

The team will be posted here,  Thursday by midnight.  Regular season practice will begin Saturday August 4th.  Team communication will accompany the team list and will be used to update on practice times and locations as the weather looks to be in an odd pattern for the next couple of weeks.


If you make the team, the fall sports meeting is Monday August 6th in the school auditorium.  We will have a short meeting following to go over expectations and responsibilities for members of the cross country team.   

Team News

1 year ago @ 7:43PM


Hello all,


Tryouts will be held Monday July 30 at 8 AM, Tuesday July 31 at 6PM and Wednesday August 1 at 6PM.   These will be held at the Manassas Battlefield meeting in the Matthews Hill parking lot.  

Girls will go first followed by boys.  This will be timed.  Once you are done running, you are free to leave.  If you intend to try out but have not gone to any of the training runs to learn the course, please email me  

There will be the ability to re-race through Wednesday.  The team will be chosen based on times at tryouts.  Unless previously arranged with me due to inability to make any of the 3 tryout days,  there will be no tryouts days outside the VHSL mandated days.  We offer 3 days for tryouts and these have been posted since last spring.  

Any questions, please email


Team News

1 year ago @ 1:51PM

Fall 2018. All you need to know

Hello Bobcats!!!



Below you will find all pertinent information for the upcoming season and better yet, off season training

As always, email me with any questions.

Summer practice schedule

Mondays 8 am will be at Matthews Hill, Thursday 12:30 pm at Stone Bridge and Saturdays 8am at Matthews Hill    Only rising 9th graders who have sent me a copy of their physical forms and completed concussion training are able to attend

Off season non mandatory practices will start Monday June 25th.  Prior to this time, if you are a track outdoor runner, I want rest or at most, long easy runs.  If you are dealing with any issues/injuries, speak to me directly before assuming what you should be doing




Concussion training and physicals.


Concussion training June 11th and July 23rd 7pm at BHS.  Just show up!  It’s a couple hours of time and then it is done, your card is handed in and you are cleared.  It really is easier to sit through this than complete the online work. 

Physicals need to be completed after May 1, 2018.  Please look at the homepage of this website to find out when these need to be turned into the school. 

Both of these NEED to be done in order to try out for the team.  Get them done now so we don’t have to worry and risk not participating

Rising freshmen need concussion training and physicals shown to me (i will take a picture and keep on file, returning the actual form to you) to be allowed to participate in any off season practices .  These will be turned into the school prior to tryouts and must be done in order to be eligible to try out for the team





Try outs for 2018

Try outs will be Monday July 30 in the am and Tuesday July 31 and Wednesday August 1 in the evening at Matthews Hill.  This will be done on the course that we will practice on all summer. This is an unmarked trail through the woods.  Part of XC is knowing the course.  Many are poorly marked.  We will be running this course at least once a week for the entire summer.  There is no reason to not know where you are going.  There will not be trials held outside these dates unless written communication between student and me occurs and is approved prior to July 30st.  This means if you have a planned family vacation, you will get an opportunity to register a time AS LONG AS THIS HAS BEEN PREARRANGED.  If, for circumstances out of your control, you are unable to attend summer practice and do not know the course, I will have someone run this with you the first 2 days of tryouts and you will time trial on Wednesday August 1st. This also will need to be prearranged.  There will be NO RERUNS outside of what has been stated above.  This is a competitive sport and notification is being posted on May 18th. I will roster all that make the time standard.  Top 10 boys and girls times will make the varsity squad and will be trained as such all year.  Different meets stage races differently.  I do reserve the right to alter meet entries based on improvement throughout the racing season. Nothing is guaranteed.  Work hard, improve and you will succeed.  This is a time based sport and while courses may change, times are times are times

I have again set time standards for the teams this year.  In recent years, the team has been walk on and non competitive within the region.  We have talent and potential and will work hard towards becoming a team to be reckoned with.  The below time standards will assist in forming teams.  There may be movement within the teams for meet entries as some may hold freshman races, others do not.  Some classify by upper classmen and lower classmen etc.  Movement will occur to field the most competitive team possible.  That being said, I will not enter a runner in an invitational race where they will not be competitive.  These meets do hold tight schedules and time expectations that we are expected to meet and follow.  Nothing is more destructive to a runner’s spirit than poor results in a meet even though they individually performed their best.  Fielding an appropriately entered team creates a group of self confident runners. 

Boys time standard - sub 19:30                                             Girls standard -sub 24

Freshmen  boys – sub 24                                                     Freshmen girls – sub 26

 I am not keeping a developmental team this year.  Improvement happens now.  Do not wait until tryouts to then be disappointed that you didn't work harder when you had the chance.  Distance running takes time.  XC running is very different than road or sidewalk running.  A road 5K is not representative of a trail 5K.
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